Break Update…


I had another x-ray today after my fall. I’m well on the mend but I had a look at the x-rays myself, and essentially the tip of the radius (the green line at the top) was broken off and the break goes right up to the joint. I’d have definitely fainted/screamed if I’d realised that in A&E. Maybe they kept it from me. Anyway, I’ve another check-up in 4 weeks and I’m not to do any heavy lifting. Just how heavy is a pint of stout anyway?

4 thoughts on “Break Update…”

  1. Fuck – you poor old soul. I’m back, and we will talk soon – keep Friday night clear if you’re able… stag, wake, birthday 3-in-1-er.

  2. Ice, Wolf Tone Bridge, 2 weeks ago. No crutches, it’s me elbow! I’m drawing again but the first week or so I barely managed to tie my laces! Incidently I may be in Dublin this weekend. I’ll text you if I’m up.

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