Free Caricature Tutorials!

Something I’m following very closely is this in depth tutorial from the brilliant Tom Richmond of MAD magazine.

People often ask me at parties and weddings where I learned to draw caricatures. While it’s been a lifelong interest I have to tell them I’m actually self-taught, as it’s not on any third level curriculum I’m aware of. I’ve had some excellent pointers from others in the field here in Ireland, but the main skill came from jumping off the deep end and learning on the job. Many gifted young draughtsmen (gender-neutral) who’d like to get into caricatures will now have an excellent kick-off point with Tom’s tutorial.

Off course, breaking into editorial caricatures is increasingly difficult as many papers use crude photoshop stitch jobs done in-house (I’m looking at you Sunday Times!).

2 thoughts on “Free Caricature Tutorials!”

  1. I think that was featured on Drawn a few weeks ago but I hadn’t got round to watching it. I’ll check it out. Amperduke was brilliant by the way.

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