Cabra Castle Hotel Wedding Caricature

Cabra Castle Hotel Wedding Caricature: this caricature was for a signing board at a recent wedding in Cabra Castle. The car was a very important character in this drawing! Cabra Castle itself forms the backdrop and the signpost incorporates some of the places the couple have travelled to. The bride and groom loved it and left me a lovely review:

We wanted a unique wedding invitation and contacted Allan with a picture of both of us and a few ideas on what he might include in the caricature. He got back with an amazing caricature of us with the venue we were to be married in on the background. We created a wedding invitation ourselves with this picture and were so impressed with the reaction we got from guests we decided to hire Allan on the Wedding Day too in Cabra Castle in Cavan to do LIVE caricatures. We were delighted with response from our guest s. He even took photos of our guests next to the completed caricatures which we really appreciated seeing afterwards as had been too busy on the day to see them done. We felt also it was a classy form of entertainment that matched our venue perfectly and in our opinion provided a lot more entertainment than the usual selfie machine you see regularly these days. Could not recommend Allan enough!!
Brian Warnock

You can order a wedding caricature signing board here.

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