Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition

John Crumlish Paul Fahy Paraic Breathnach Ollie Jennings CartoonI’ll be representing Galway in the Galway Comedy Festival Cartoon Exhibition in the Town Hall Theatre from the 5th -9th April. I’ll be hanging alongside Jon Berkeley, Jim Cogan, Graeme Keyes, Tom Halliday, Tom Mathews, Martyn Turner, Steve Best, David Rooney, Hunt Emerson, John McCrae and Martin Honeysett.

I think I need to sit down.

Do pop in for a look if you’re in town!

There are No Original Ideas in Editorial Cartoons!

Noah's Ark cartoon by www.sackstudio.comI winced when I saw this cartoon on Cagle’s Cartoon Index because it was followed immediately by Noah's Ark Cartoon by Marshall Ramsey
This is exactly what every editorial cartoonist lives in fear of: that someone, somewhere, has had the same idea as you. If anything drives a cartoonist it is to be distinct by virtue of originality. This is an example of convergence.

Father’s Terribly Morbid Sense of Humour Rubs off on Son…

Cradle to grave cartoonMy son’s favourite motif in his drawings at the moment. Should I be worried? Only that he’s going to turn out like me, but that’s a good thing. Yes it is. Quiet down the back.gravestone cartoon“Rest In Quiet”?

I find this really reassuring: the guy is smiling the whole way through his life, right up to the end. You’re born, you live, then you die. So why worry?

So don’t worry. Just keep smiling and waving.