New Double Vision

Shakespeare cartoon“When you’re born into a city that has more than double the population of Ireland, you can’t afford to worry about strangers that much.
England is not so much a country of 70 million people, but a collection of a million villages of 70 people.
That’s how you survive.”

Check out this column by Charlie Adley where he assesses his relationship with his native land.

Allan Cavanagh- as seen in the Inishowen Independent!

I’m now contributing to Inishowen‘s favourite local paper, the Inishowen Independent. Above is a cartoon of the local candidates for Donegal North-East, l-r from top: Cecilia Keaveney, Frank Gallagher, Arthur McGuinness, Ian McGarvey, Siobhan McLaughlin, Padraig McLochlainn, Mary Doherty, Niall Blaney, Joe McHugh, Jimmy Harte and Jim McDaid. And congratulations to Margaret Mulhall from Shrove, … Read more

New Double Vision

self esteem cartoonI ate. I ate and ate, not like bingey carrier bags of chocolate bars hidden under the bed, but just a lot of stuff that made me feel better. Naturally I got fat, which was a perfect match for my being suddenly stupid, still unsporting and having an absolute lack of Chick Magnetivity.