Correcting cross-dressing cats!

Allan 1:38 pm

I did this caricature for latest newlyweds Una and Ken’s guestbook, scanned it and emailed it off when I got the following email from Una: “Thanks a million for the picture. The drawings are fantastic, however, there is one minor detail….the cat that we asked […]

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Wedding Caricature for guests to sign!

Allan 5:55 pm

Here’s another wedding guestbook caricature for Laura and Paul in Cavan. I got to meet the baby in this one as well (she slept through it though. I was that entertaining :D). Hope the day went well for you folks! If you’d like to order […]

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When Charlie and Sandra got married!

Allan 4:46 pm

Head’s a bit worse for wear today. Yesterday was the wedding reception of Charlie and Sandra. Charlie writes Double Vision every week in the Connacht Tribune. The reception was in Massimos and Mattie Hynes, Harriet Leander and a troupe of French people did an amazing […]

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Allan 3:59 pm