Competition time – win a caricature!

I was giving a workshop for the Drogheda Arts Festival on on satire and political cartooning at the weekend. These are some of the resultant pieces, which I think are brilliant!

So, to the competition.

Name the three public figures here and you can win an A3 colour caricature. All correct entries will be entered in a draw and the winner can order a caricature of whoever they like, be it a friend, family member, significant other, it’s up to you!
Send your answers by email to info [at] allancavanagh [dot] com or use the contact button opposite. Don’t forget to number your answers 1, 2 and 3 and mark entries as “Competition”.
1) Wears a blue shirt.
2) It’s easy to get a a RISE out of him and he’s the colour of envy.
3) This Red is no longer the leader of a half party according to the latest polls.

Closing date is this Friday, 7th May at 5pm.

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  1. Oops – I actually read the post this this time…. was supposed to email… Feel free to delete if it’s spoiling the comp… even though wrong.

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