Telling new stories with creative technologies


Last week I attended a workshop in University of Galway on storytelling and the use of new technologies in telling new stories (via Urban Lab Galway and their European partners). As a self-employed artist, I don’t get to attend many things or network so I was delighted to be able to take part in this workshop.

Character Sculpting Workshops

macnas character workshops

Character sculpting workshops. Photo by Simon Boyle featuring work by Jennifer Mc Ginn. Character Sculpting Workshops This is the work that came out of a 5 day character sculpting workshop hosted in Macnas, Fisheries Field here in Galway recently. It’s absolutely jaw-dropping. This sort of sculpting is still used extensively in film design, even in … Read more

Competition time – win a caricature!

I was giving a workshop for the Drogheda Arts Festival on on satire and political cartooning at the weekend. These are some of the resultant pieces, which I think are brilliant! So, to the competition. Name the three public figures here and you can win an A3 colour caricature. All correct entries will be entered … Read more

Concern Workshops

Concern child labour workshops development education IrelandI’m planning a post later on the Concern development education workshops I facilitated around the country last month. I had a great bunch of Transition Year students in Galway, Dublin and Cork. This is an ongoing project aimed at raising awareness of global child exploitation. There are currently over 200 million children being used for labour in the world today.

Concern Workshop Tomorrow

Allan Cavanagh stiltwalker
I’ll be giving a workshop to transition year students tomorrow on the issue of child labour. It’s a heavy issue, but I try to make it informative and with an emphasis on action (like many similar issues the sheer weight of it can be overwhelming). I’ll post more on it tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have some images ready as well.