Congratulations President Obama

I don’t think I’ll actually breathe that sigh of relief until the murderous scumbag currently in the White House is gone but I’m delighted Barack Obama has won. He’s not Jesus folks, but he’s one of the best orators in recent times, and seems to be inspiring a new start for Americans, their self-perception, and their relationship to the rest of the human beings in the world. The McCain campaign was one of the most bizarre political spectacles ever, but recently weirdness and stupidity were the celebrated modus operandi of the elected in America, which is why I’m relieved that America woke up and mobilised. Well done and congratulations America.
Just keep Cheney away from the gun cabinet.
The Obama caricature above is from my sketchbook. So is the sketch of Palin below. She could have been President. In some quantum subdivision of reality, she is.
Expect interdimensional refugees any day now.

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