Custom Joint 60th Birthday Gift Caricature from Photos

This was a framed caricature gift for a couple who were both turning 60 this year. Working from the client’s brief I captured their love the sea and swimming with a beach setting. I’ve drawn them both in swimming gear, with the man in a wet suit with float, flippers and snorkle, and the woman in a swimsuit and dry robe (with a specific pink wooly hat with bauble!). In the background is the ferry to Inishbofin with a banner that has an in-joke from her friends! They’re having a couple of favourite beverages, gin & tonic for her and Wicklow Wolf for him. There’s also a medical background so there’s a stethescope included too. Their children are referred to by the buckets and spades on the beach, and their pet dog makes an appearance in a wedding hat! The man is also a keen cyclist so there’s a bike included in the background. Even the mat has a special relevance in this drawing!
My caricatures are completely customisable can have any references you’d like included, as you can see from the array of items and nods to this couple’s lives in this drawing.

I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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Custom Joint 60th Birthday Gift Caricature from Photos

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