People learning Italian on Duolingo will get this.

Duolingo Cartoon La scimmia legge il libro, vorrei vedere la scimmia famosa
Duolingo Cartoon: if you’re studying Italian on Duolingo you’ll have heard “la scimmia legge il libro”. I’ve asked my Italian friends about this monkey and they all claim not to have heard of it, so there’s clearly a conspiracy going on where Italians don’t want us to know about the monkey that reads books. What the book is I don’t know but the zoo I visited refused to take the copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses I intended to gift to the monkey, whose name apparently is Chiameremo La Polizia. That’s a long name for a monkey but I suppose if you’re a book-reading primate you’re going to have a pedigree name. I’m not giving up and I intend to make contact with this monkey and ask it for recommendations for Italian phrase books.

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