Filthy Durty Postcards: Badgers, Blu-Tack & Picturegating

Fústar‘s been on to me. He wants everyone to send him a nudie postcard of Brian Cowen:

Ok. I hereby want to encourage every single person reading this to send me (via post) a nude Brian Cowen postcard (ask for my address and it will be given). If we gather enough together I’ll find a way to exhibit them publicly. If some fail to arrive then we’ll also have “postalgate” to concern ourselves with. This is not a joke. I genuinely want to do it.

via Fustar – Recycling Cultural Waste Since 2005 // Filthy Durty Postcards: Badgers, Blu-Tack & Picturegating.

You can contact him at fustar[at] for his address. Either print mine or Conor’s on a bit of card or even better, make up your own!

3 thoughts on “Filthy Durty Postcards: Badgers, Blu-Tack & Picturegating”

  1. Please DO make up your own. We want to exhibit them formally. So dozens of different Cowen nudes (all on blank postcards) would be amazing. It doesn’t matter how amateurish they are. The cruder and rougher the better. Look at the state of my own!

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