Friday Cartoon: The Banshees of Inisherin Brendan Gleeson Colin Farrell Caricature

I’ve had my eye on Brendan Gleeson to draw for a long time now and never got around to it, but having watched The Banshees of Inisherin I finally committed to it. Often I’m analysing how I would draw somebody while watching a TV show or a film and every time he turned his head in a scene I was mentally making pencil marks! Himself and Colin Farrell are such a great pairing I had to draw the two of them in a “scene” from the film (though these guys are still my favourite double act featuring Brendan Gleeson).
It’s a beautifully shot film with an amazingly colourful palette which might have seemed oversaturated for the time it’s set in if it wasn’t for the discovery of Michael Collins’ brilliant azure slippers. It’s exciting to see it as an Oscar contender this year. I’ve got to say Barry Keoghan’s performance was the stand-out for me.

This Banshees of Inisherin caricature was drawn and painted digitally in Procreate and you can see the process from start to finish in the short timelapse video below. One of the great things about Procreate is the ease with which you can change the composition. I was originally going to have Colin Farrell just off to the side but moving his layer around suggested it would be funnier to have him resting his chin on Brendan Gleeson’s shoulder. You can see me changing my mind about his position in the video (and also restarting the colour layer for Gleeson!)

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