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If you’re looking for a Caricature Artist in Cork you might find this post helpful! This caricature was a retirement gift for an employee of Cork County Council and was a lot of fun to draw as the client had some quite detailed and specific ideas for inclusion in the finished piece. The retiring colleague is an expert at finding underground water leaks using the orange and black device you see on the desk. He’s also a big fan of a cuppa so if you look closely you can see that’s what’s been detected in this case! The microphone part of the water detector is hovering over his cup of tea which has gotten a bit lost on his desk. He’s a rugby fan and I’ve drawn him in the colours of his favourite Highfield rugby team as well as including the Munster rugby ball in the foreground. Many other bits and pieces from his life and interests are included around him such as fishing and going on holidays.

I’m caricature artist Allan Cavanagh and I have been creating unique caricature retirement gifts delivering to Cork for over 20 years. If you’re looking for a caricature artist in Cork to create a one-of-a-kind personalised retirement gift for a retiring colleague, please click here to get in touch!

The fire brigade would contact the council if they needed more water for fighting a fire, hence the rather demanding firefighter in the background! He’s surrounded by computer monitors with graphs of the water supply resembling his desk in work. The Civil Defence and Cork City Council logos are on the back of his high-vis orange jacket in the foreground. The whole piece was lots of fun to draw and I was delighted to hear back from the client once they received the framed caricature piece:

Hi Allan,

The caricature arrived. You did a great job and really caught the essence of our well loved colleague and friend.

Many thanks.

So if you’re looking for a Caricature Artist in Cork to create a unique retirement gift for a retiring colleague please drop me a line using the menu above (Messenger, Whatsapp, text message) use my contact form here, or simply leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting!
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