Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Can You Name My Mystery Village?

Cartoon featuring one of Charlie’s literary inventions, Freebase Kevin, delivering a folder full of memories and writing to him for a recent column over at Double Vision:

“They say a writer should never throw any work away, but I’ve been scribbling my whole life, so ancient stuff gets whittled down, with a little ending up in an ancient brown folder called Old Misc Doings.

At this stage I was well aware I’d strayed from my task of finding Freebase Kevin for my mate. I’d fallen down the rabbit hole of self-indulgence.”

Sometimes I get to include little details that are incredibly specific. The folder Freebase Kevin is passing to Charlie is the actual folder that Charlie refers to in the piece, right down to the OLD MISC DOINGS written on the outside. Charlie sent me a photo of it so it’s very accurate!

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