How THE EVƎNT should have ended, and possibly never got started.

Talk about a plot hole. The EVENT’s extra-terrestrial/futurekind/Others can teleport planes and passengers out of the sky to reappear hundreds of miles away but they haven’t so far attempted to teleport their own kind out of their captivity. Riiiight.
This has quickly descended into frustrating nonsense, and feels as if it was rushed into production for LOST fans on the rebound. I’ve heard it’s getting cancelled too. Not surprising.

2 thoughts on “How THE EVƎNT should have ended, and possibly never got started.”

  1. Ha! Ok I missed that, but it’s still silly, the way it’s silly that wizards can’t use mobile phones in Harry Potter. If the whole thing hinges on the incarceration, and they can leave at any time, then really there’s no drama. And if there’s no drama there’s no show.

  2. Not to sound too much like a fanboy, but they specifically said they could leave when ever they felt like it. They stay imprisoned because they choose to. Kind of like Hogan’s Heros if you’re familiar with that. Season 2 is a question mark, but season one will be completed with 22 episodes.

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