I’m giving a talk this Saturday, 15th August

I’m giving a talk this Saturday 15th August in the Galway City Museum Coffee Shop at 4.30pm, along with Lynda Cookson. I’ll be talking about how I’ve created a viable business out of art instead of flipping burgers, which is an important job too but a bit smelly.

Art + Business + Creativity, with Lynda Cookson and Allan Cavanagh!
Lynda Cookson, Artist and Writer based in Galway, will be giving an unmissable talk on how building a painting can be like building a business whilst demonstrating her technique of creating an oil painting.

“It’s not such a huge jump from being creative to being businesslike,” Lynda claims, drawing on her experience of combining the two worlds. Throughout her own career, she has learned how important it is that your business life as an artist runs parallel with your creativity; and she will speak about how handling business and promoting your artistic work, can be just as creative as art.

One of Ireland’s top caricature artists, Allan Cavanagh uses his talent as a caricaturist in wide ranging fields, from being a regular contributor to news publications to attending conferences as a cartoonist where he quickly produces large, on-the-spot cartoons based on the themes and objectives of the event. Allan will speak about the skills and knowledge that he has accumulated through developing a powerful presence online, and how he has established a viable business from his artistic talent.
Learn: From the experts and from eachother:
How to promote your art using online and offline tools. How you can use your creativity in business.

“Show my Art” where you as audience members get to show us some of your own work as a creative way to enrich the content of the event. If you are interested in showing some of your art work, please contact us.

After the talks you have a great opportunity to meet like-minded people at the event, and have interesting conversations, to share ideas or exchange tips on how you’ve managed to promote your art.

Tickets are 5 euro for meetforeal members, (sign up free) or 8 euro on the door.

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