Immortalised by Tom Richmond!

After nearly 2 decades of being a fan I finally got to meet Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine) in Dublin in September last year. Not only meet, I participated in his caricature workshop that had been in the works for 3 years. Originally scheduled for 2020 it was postponed and then cancelled outright because of that business. Last year Tom decided to try a Take 2 and rescheduled the workshop in Dublin. I have to say it was the most formative professional experience since Niall O’Loughlin rang me up and tore my work apart when I was starting out as a live caricature artist (once I stopped crying it was actually incredibly helpful). I only got to attend one day but what I took whole concepts away with me. I find I do quite well with intense workshops (I did a 2 day production design workshop with Tom Conroy when I worked in Macnas and felt like I’d absorbed a 3 year course in 48 hours). Literally the next day my drawing was different, freer and more dynamic. Getting to meet other artists from across Europe was wonderful too, as well as seeing a few familiar faces from Ireland.

Tom creates group caricature portraits of workshop attendees each time. The Irish one was delayed because of major deadlines (I totally get that!) but it arrived in my inbox last night and I love it! I recently updated my own caricature based on the same photo set that Tom worked from for my caricature in the group portrait so it’s interesting to see the similarities and differences in our approaches. The group caricature is below as well as a side by side of me by Tom and me by me!

Tom offers workshops every year in a range of locations and if you’re a professional or a keen amateur I highly recommend taking a place, and even travelling for it (I may go to the States at some point to catch up on Day 2!)
tom richmond group caricature of artists from dublin caricature workshop september 2023

Compare and contrast!

allan cavanagh drawn by tom richmond Allan cavanagh caricature artist ireland self portrait

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I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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