The End of the MADness – Tom Richmond on the end of MAD Magazine

Alfred MAD Magazine

Very sad news that MAD Magazine is to cease publication. Here’s Tom Richmond (a huge influence on me) on the passing of this American institution:

Yesterday contributors to MAD Magazine officially got the news that, after 67 years of continuous publication that began with Harvey Kurtzman‘s brilliant comic book and eventually evolved into the magazine that forever changed the world of satire and humor, MAD will stop publishing new content after issue #10 in October.

via Richmond Illustration Inc.
My own thoughts: I feel very sad about this. I was never really in to it but knew it by osmosis (ie The Simpsons). I’ve seen how much it meant to its contributors, especially on Instagram where I’d followed several MAD-contributing cartoonists for a few years. It’s just a gaping hole and I’m sure it’s going to hurt the livelihoods of artists and writers. It seemed financially healthy (although Tom dives into the figures a bit more in his post linked above), it lasted this long. A really sad day for cartoons and cartooning.