Irish Blog Awards 2010: Documenting Ireland’s Final Decline into 20% More Hyperbole

The Irish Blog Awards passed (away) in a flash this year. This may have been because being local this time I wasn’t a resident and up all night. Or it might have been the rum. Or it might have been all the stairs. Anyway, it was fantastic craic, squinting in the dark in the hope of recognising the person you were talking to by a half remembered Twitter avatar until they see that vacant look in your eyes and introduce themselves.
allan-cavanagh-blog-awards won Best Pop Culture Blog, and as a contributor I was entitled to hold the trophy for 15 seconds.

I met Manuel The Waiter finally, and went on a wild goose chase looking for Alan Maloney for Sweary, which was actually fun because it was an excuse to chat to almost everyone there (about 350). Anyway, Alan wasn’t even there so next year I’m sending Sweary off to get me some stripey paint.

Of course, the highlight of the night wasn’t the awards ceremony. It was the wild display of my culinary skills at registration.
Iris Robinson's Chocolate Balls
The really are a quicky Iris.

Well done to all the winners and to for winning Best Blog. I’m not into makeup, but then, there’s lots of specialist subjects I’m not into and I wouldn’t begrudge any of them winning Best Blog. Thanks to Damien and everyone behind the scenes for a great night.

5 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards 2010: Documenting Ireland’s Final Decline into 20% More Hyperbole”

  1. Jaysus, when are you going to stop bitching about that? I have Al(l)ans coming out my ears; I can’t be expected to keep track of you all!

  2. I think you were definitly the most instantly recognisable person from their avatar. I spent half the night looking for someone who wasn’t there either…but as you said it was a fun excuse to talk to random strangers

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