New Hulk Design vs Old Hulk Design

There’s a nice post on Screen Rant about the upcoming Hulk movie, including the above comparison of the new design with the Ang Lee version (left). I have to say, first impressions of the new design aren’t good. There’s something very odd going on with the skin texture, it looks like plastic, and the musculature makes him look like he’s bound in old rope. All in all it looks like the quintessential rubber costume from low budget monster movies. The smaller head and simian features of the newer version (compare the jawlines and noses) look odd. As for the Abomination, well, I think that’s going to live up to its name.

Still I know I’m going to end up going to see it, and I’ll probably enjoy scenes. It can’t be as bad as Spiderman 3 (can it?). And let’s face it, the real quandary these conflicting versions is putting me in is choosing between Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler. Would that I ever had that choice to make…
UPDATE: I’ve reviewed it here.

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