Leap Year Movie Review: Leap Year is a Time Travel Rom Com, possibly set in Lost universe

leap year movie review allan cavanagh

It’s easy to write Leap Year off as another inbred descendent of The Quiet Man. First appearances are of a film full of twinkly-eyed drunken charmers with secret pasts and promiscuous fists having twinkly eyed drunken fights over promiscuous pasts in secret fields. However, this mere shillelagh shop window dressing hides a more sophisticated cloth cap of time travel and love and – begorrah, no it doesn’t.

“I’ll just say my secret magic word. Which is Midi-chlorians”

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Ireland’s first mass-tweeted movie!

That was great craic. Pressing play at the same time was like deciding who’s watch to use for the midnight countdown on New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t matter, we all got there in the end and there was even a late showing for those that couldn’t make the 8 o’clock. Great idea Damien. I’m … Read more