Niall O’Loughlin’s Characters of the Turf

Of course it would be remiss of me to plug a book without giving Ireland’s top nikkid-in-hotel-corridor caricaturist Niall O’Loughlin a mention for his Characters of the Turf. It features caricatures of some of the biggest names in Irish horseracing, and Niall’s watercolours are as beautifully rendered as they are funny. Each is accompanied by an interview by Peter A. Mason.

It’s available in most bookshops and from Niall’s website.

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  1. nikkid-in-hotel-corridor caricaturist

    Would you believe I returned to the scene of the crime at the weekend, well we stayed across the road, I pointed up to balcony window and prodly told my kids
    “that’s were daddy got locked out of his hotel room in the nip” to which my eldest replied ..ooohh gross!!!

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