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Paramedic Gifts Ireland: this was a going away gift for a couple of paramedics who have a fondness for a nice ice-cream cone! They’re wearing national ambulance service uniforms, white shirts and personalised navy and yellow epaullettes. They’re speeding along in their ambulance with the lights flashing, off to save the day! The drawing contains the text “Never forget the difference you have made”.

The Process:

Once the caricature is ordered I send out a details form to collect the details to be included in the caricature, such as hair colours, eye colours, what the subjects should be wearing, and any jokes, hobbies or other references to be included (in this case the ambulance and the ice-creams!) The customer then sends me recent high resolution photos of the subjects by email which I use as the basis for my caricatures of them. This involves some gentle exaggeration of the likeness, which has a great comedic effect while still being recognisably the subject (some research suggests caricatures end up looking more recogniseable than the person they’re supposed to be!)

In this case this was my digital caricature option as the piece had a very tight turnaround time so I was able to email the completed piece within a day. My digital caricatures are sent as 300dpi jpegs in A3/A4 ratios but ratios can be adjusted if necessary for print (just make a note of this in your details form).

The Review:

The customer absolutely loved it as you can see from this 5-star Google review she left:

UNREAL! Allen absolutely nailed a caricature gift for some colleagues. I couldn’t have imagined how well it would turn out. Everyone I showed it to thought the exact same, unreal

Michelle O’Farrell

I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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Paramedic Gifts Ireland Gifts for Paramedics Ireland
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