Pat Bracken RIP

UPDATE: Leaving Flaherty’s Funeral Home on Monday at 12pm, funeral to be held in St. Nicholas’ Church at 12.30.
Galway based puppeteer and stone mason Pat Bracken passed away yesterday. Many would know Pat from Quay Street, where his raucous puppets bantered with passers-by, and he was a regular fixture in the Macnas Parade, running ahead and warming up the crowd.
I don’t know any details of arrangements yet but will post them here when that changes.

Photos courtesy of Richard Walsh and Mister Ebby.

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  1. so long ol buddy
    iv always had a big place in my heart for you pat we go back a while you will live on in my memory for ever .
    joey magic

  2. Good Bye Pat…To a great friend and fellow artist who gave me so much advice and creative time and made me laugh so many time over the 20 years of performing on the streets of Galway, so many stories to tell… The bookies will miss ya… hahaha.. Big LOve Pat and safe Journey… xxxxxxxxxxxxx Gary Mac

  3. I cant believe he is gone, he was renting a space in the same studio as me and I just cant bare to go in as all his artwork and puppets are still there. The studio just wont be the same without Pat, and neither will the galway busking scene. He was one of the most kindest, creative and talented men I have met and he will be missed greatly by all who knew him. My heart goes out to his family.

  4. Elizabeth and I met Pat and his wonderful puppets when we lived in Galway in 1994. Part of the great joy in returning to Ireland over the years has been knowing Pat would be there and prepared for divilment, as he called it. We are proud to have several of his superb artworks, including a stone carving of Elizabeth as a mermaid. He was always ready to accompany us on some adventure or to just spend time in conversation. He urged Elizabeth to play her button box at the Crane Sunday session and came to our wedding at St. Nick’s last summer. A truly warm and delightful person. It is very hard to imagine the world without him — it is a diminished planet. Our condoleneces and love to Sean, Trish, Fiona and all his many friends.

  5. Elizabeth and I met Pat and his wonderful puppets in 1994. Part of the joy of returning to Ireland was knowing that he would be there and prepared for “divilment” as he called it. We are very proud to have several of his works of art including a stone craving of Elizabeth as a mermaid! But most of all we have a store of delightful memories from our times in Taylors and other haunts, He was always ready to go on some adventure or just to spend time with us over a “quiet pint” urging Elizabeth to play her box at the Sunday session in the Crane. Pat always managed to bring laughter and joy with him no matter what. The world is diminished with him gone. Our love goes out to Sean, Trish, and Fiona and to all Pat’s many friends.

  6. I knew pat well over the years. he brought a very magical and lovely element to the galway busking scene. hilarious too. i will always remember the divilment, the glint in his eye and his rougish way. he will be missed surely and my thoughts are with his family. Aine in Vietnam.

  7. Pat, you have a special place in our hearts, a good, and uniquely creative, person. Rest in Peace.

  8. Here in America, in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota, there are many sad hearts grieving the loss of Pat Bracken. He was a gift and will be greatly missed.


  9. Is deacair a chreid go bhfui tú imigh uainn …Beidh sráideanna na Gaillimhe lom gan tú ……slán agus Beannacht

  10. “….Ansin beidh d’ainm greanta ar chloch, sin tús le deireadh an duine..” Johnny Chóil Mhaidhc (1929 – 2006)
    Beannacht Dé leat Paddy. Bhí laethanta geala againn. Hugh

  11. Will miss you mate, it seems hard to think of Galway without you
    Till our next ramble around the great pubs in the sky


  12. Sorry to hear this-he was a lovely man and a talented individual.Multi-faceted character!! Knew him years ago. Another part of the REAL Galway gone.

  13. So sad to think of Pat and his little friends not clowning around and entertaining the people and friends of Galway. What a gentleman, and what a big part of the fabric of Galway. He will be sadly missed.

  14. i am crying for you big time ,you were one of the last real genuine really nice poeple ol our generation. We have been friends since we met in Gerry Flangans in the 80s, You were a freind i could talk to knowning and knowing every word would be never spoken out of school , along long with our friend Kevin Garvey . I know both of you were good friends so please give him my special Greatings when you meet him. Both of you are great Artists. All in Salthill will miss you . Slan Tomas O Heidein Allways loved you and your work
    Pat you will never be forgotten in Galway espescially in our hearts your many freinds , little tommy your old freind

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