Political Cartoons: work from the recent Fiscal Treaty

L-R Enda Kenny, Padraig Flynn, Peter Sutherland and Phil Hogan.
This is a collection of cartoons commissioned by a group of No campaigners in the European Parliament (I’m not affiliated with them in any way).

L-R Angela Merkel, Sean Fitzpatrick, Peter Sutherland, canine Phil Hogan.

L-R José Manuel Barroso, Cromwell (!), Nicolas Sarkozy, Bertie Ahern.

All the content of these cartoons was at the suggestion of the client. The last cartoon is obviously based on this one by (as far as I can work out) New York based cartoonist Mick Stern, and is one of the finest, sharpest, funniest gags I’ve ever seen, the kind you wished you’d thought of yourself.
Felt weird drawing Bertie Ahern again. *shudder*

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