SPAN cartoons and about the Project

multilevel governance cartoonI’ve put all the SPAN cartoons together here. It’s a good way of showing what I can do for documenting conferences and meetings.

SPAN (Strategic Planning Action Network – Réseau de Programmation Stratégique Active) is a “North-West Europe” Interreg III B inter-regional cooperation project. Eight partners from four regions in four European Union Member States are involved in SPAN.

The project has an overall budget of EUR 4 million, 60% of which is funded by ERDF, through the Interreg III B Community Initiative.

SPAN aims to develop innovative approaches to strategic planning for the benefit of all the partner regions and test them under actual conditions. The stress is placed on the participation of civil society in the planning of territorial interventions at regional, infra-regional and local levels. The project also aims to shed new light on relations between urban and rural areas, relations which could be put to better use in the future.

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