Times & Irish Daily Mail “The Scream” cartoons: this actually happens all the time.

Gerard Scarfe The Scream Cartoon Sunday Times

Gerard Scarfe in the Sunday Times

Graeme Keyes, Irish Daily Mail Scream Cartoon

Graeme Keyes, Irish Daily Mail. (Both images via Fleet Street Blues)

You might think this is a rip-off, but it happens all the time, and both cartoons are riffing off another work entirely. Only last week there were two very similarily themed cartoons in the Irish Times and the (London) Times, and similar themes between these controversial Steve Bell and Martyn Turner cartoons.

I think it’s highly unlikely the similarity is anything but coincidence. Cartoonist and editorial cartoon syndicator Daryl Cagle gets hundreds of cartoon submissions every day, and inevitably the same tropes come from different artists. Cagle’s response? He bunches them all together on the site to show up the artists!

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