Cartoon of a zookeeper waving nervously to two pandas in an enclosure. One panda is saying go away. The caption says it was a difficult time for zookeeper Panda Mick.

Covid-19, a time of looking out the window and thinking of bad pandemic puns. In a sense we are all of us, Panda Mick. I’m delivering high quality caricature art all over Ireland during the lockdown. Don’t miss birthdays or wedding anniversaries! Digital options available on request for you to print out yourself. Buy a … Read more

Every Caricature Artist’s Nightmare About When Life Returns to “Normal”

caricature artist nightmare

Literally waking up in the cold sweats thinking about “the new normal” when the COVID-19 restrictions start to ease. Help! Buy a caricature for delivery anywhere in Ireland, or a digital caricature for delivery anywhere in the world, here.

Dr. Tony Holohan Flattening the Curve

dr tony holohan hse covid19 coronavirus ireland3

Here’s Doctor Tony Holohan with some guidance on signs we’re flattening the curve. (You might have seen another version or two of this cartoon, it’s taken me 3 goes to get a likeness I was anyway happy with, sometimes a cartoon just gets away from you!)

Coronavirus Cartoons

corona virus covid19 cartoon lockdown see other people toned

In an attempt to stave off the cabin fever I’ve been drawing some coronavirus-related cartoons. I hope everyone is doing as well as they can in the circumstances. I enjoyed seeing the improvised mini-St Patrick’s Day parades around the country on social media. Take care of each other.