Garda Retirement Gift Caricature

Garda Retirement Gift Caricature Allan Cavanagh

Here’s another one of my Garda Retirement Gift Caricatures, this one featuring a retiring Garda whose interests included boxing, hiking and hurling! Also included are some CCTV DVDs and signposts relating to places from his life. On his uniform is pinned a bronze Scott medal. Each caricature I draw incorporates many details in one unique … Read more

Garda Graduation/ Garda Passing Out Gifts -Gardai Caricature Present

Garda Graduation Gift Garda Passing Out Ireland Caricature

Garda Graduation/ Garda Passing Out Gifts -Gardai Caricature Present: this is one of my digital caricatures for the pictured graduating Guard whose passing out ceremony was earlier this year. He’s picture with his collie Rancher, a football, and a takeaway coffee!

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Gardai Retirement Gifts -Garda Retirement Presents

Garda Retirement Gift Caricature Ireland Allan Cavanagh 3

Here’s a selection of recent Garda Retirement Gift Caricatures sent all over Ireland from as gifts from colleagues, family and friends. If you’re looking for a gift for a retiring Garda just drop me a line for a unique and highly
customised caricature gift they’ll love!

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