New Doctor, or “The Female Doctor Who” – Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor

Cartoon caricature of New Doctor Jodie Whittaker by Allan Cavanagh
I haven’t watched any of the current series of Doctor Who but the introduction of the new Doctor gave me chills. Here it is as broadcast by the BBC:

The thing with the key is new, and exciting. By the way, of course an alien who can regenerate at the cellular level from a species with at least 2 biological sexes could come back as a woman. Yes, I’m talking about the Master. If your arch-nemesis changes sex during a regeneration, what’s a man to do? I’m wondering if Jodie’s is a new face, or is she someone the Doctor has met? There’s precedent for that too! Lastly, Eleven thought he might have regenerated as female after he came into being. This isn’t such a shock. You can use any toilet you like on Gallifrey.

Anyway, would you like to win the original drawing pictured above? Just comment below and if there’s enough interest I’ll do a draw (no pun).

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