Tom Waits Caricature

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Tom Waits Caricature: See below for details of how to buy a canvas print! You could literally spend all day moving through the crags and crevices of this brilliant face and never reach the end. I decided to do a warm-up drawing of Tom Waits today. With his Medusa hair and desert-map face he really is the perfect subject for a caricature. This is drawn in pencil, brush tip Pitt Pens (Black 199), big brush Pitt Pens (again Black 199) and 9B Caran d’Ache graphite stick. I always hold on to the big brush Pitt Pens for a while after they’ve “given up” as you can still use them for wash-like effects and shading.
For commercial use of this Tom Waits caricature please contact me for details. If you want to use this Tom Waits caricature for a blogpost or other non-profit use it’s free as long as you link back.

Tom Waits Caricature Canvas Print

Now available as a 20cm x 30cm canvas print for €60 (€70 UK and Europe) including delivery!
Order a 20x30cm canvas print in Ireland by clicking here.
tom waits canvas print ireland

Order a 20x30cm canvas print in UK & Europe by clicking here.
tom waits canvas print UK Europe

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