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Star Wars: The Mandalorian cartoon.

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I love this show. After the second sequel in the recent trilogy I swore I was done but seeing all the Baby Yoda memes made me curious. I’d gotten Disney+ to watch some of the Marvel stuff I’d missed in the cinema and stuck The Mandalorian on one evening, and was quite entertained. By about the 3rd episode I was hooked. It just *feels* like Star Wars: really simple stories with a Space Western setting. If anything The Mandalorian leans into the (Spaghetti) Western tropes way more heavily than the original trilogy, especially in the first series where they might as well call a certain episode THE ONE WHERE WE REFERENCE DJANGO:

django spaghetti western
Taking out the womp rats down Italy way

There’s fan service but it’s never laboured (maybe carbonite really took off after Boba Fett bragged about it in Jabba’s court). It’s very Star Wars but with its own tone, and the amazing score is innovative while paying homage to Westerns gone before it, as well as certain nods to the original trilogy.

Surprisingly enjoyable, and basically the sequel we always wanted but weren’t given on the big screen. It’s a big galaxy Disney. This show gets it. (Apart from Tatooine. We always have to go back to Tatooine.)

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