Thomson Safaris comment on Trent’s death- PR Fail.


Thomson Safaris is an American-based company that’s been linked to a story that Trent Keegan was investigating before he was murdered, on the forced eviction of Maasai in Tanzania.

Karen Schwartzman, a spokeswoman for the company, had this to say in response to their name being associated with the murder:
“Obviously it’s a tragedy. But the fact this company has had its name associated with this nightmare is another tragedy.”

So according to Thomson Safaris the fact that their name has got muddied is as tragic as the brutal theft of Trent Keegan’s life, the permanent denial his family now endure of their son and brother, and the numbing grief felt around the world by the hundreds of people Trent befriended.

That attitude alone is enough for me to ask, if you’re going on safari, don’t go Thomson Safari.

UPDATE: Karen’s rhetorical flourishes continue: ‘”We have nothing to do with this,” says Karen Schwartzman, a spokesperson for Massachusetts-based Thompson Safaris. “This company continues to be victimized by a number of rumors and innuendo.”‘
Victimised. Rumours. Innuendo. Protest. Too. Much.

6 thoughts on “Thomson Safaris comment on Trent’s death- PR Fail.”

  1. The death of Trent has left a bitter taste that has simmered over time and currently I currently feel that the company should to be booted out of the country.

  2. Terri no one is claiming Thomson Safaris had anything to do with Trent’s death. That’s being used to distract from Thomson’s appalling PR job in their press comments.
    I haven’t read, nor have I quoted, anything from Tanzania’s press so it’s pointless bringing that in.
    The comments from Karen appeared on NZ and American news websites.
    I don’t need to give Thomson a break for calling them on rubbish spoken on their behalf that’s in the public domain.

  3. Thomson Safaris had nothing to do with the death of Trent Keegan. I met with Rick and Judi yesterday in Arusha (my home town), and they are totally gob-smacked by these accusations! We are trying to disentangle the spider from his/her web of lies in Loliondo, and I will be happy to keep you all informed of progress. PLEASE give Thomson Safaris a break and stop believing everything you read in Tanzania’s well-meaning but avid-for-scandal press.

  4. Good work being done here. Please keep this in mind when you think of booking a safari holiday! Trent Keegan lives on Karen Schwartzman might do well to remember that………

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