Vote for your favourite dead blog!

Super High Contrast Graves
Photo owned by Maxwell GS (cc)
Blogging’s dead innit? So you won’t want to nominate your favourite blogs for the Irish Blog Awards 2010 now will you?
Wait, what’s this?

2 thoughts on “Vote for your favourite dead blog!”

  1. You know John, I just don’t bother getting involved in those kind of conversations. Cast your eye along the magazine stands in Easons and you’ll see all kinds of crap mixed in with the good stuff. Sometimes the good stuff stops publishing, sometimes something new and entertaining will take its place.
    The claim that blogging’s dying is similar to saying writing is dying. I see no evidence of that. A blog is just a publishing platform, one that many more people have access to now.

  2. Funny I went straight to Irishblogs the day of that post too. There are a ridicillous amount of well written blogs out there completely outside the shitosphere, or in their own group of friends, or just getting on with it themselves.

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