Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Do The Bloomin’ Weather Hokey Cokey!

barometer cartoon with elements from writer's life
Coat comes off and the mower get a service.
Gloves go back on and the wellies come back out.
Woolies are shelved and the anorak returns.
Coat slips back off the hanger and the woollens come back out …
In out round about, you do the Season hokey cokey and you turn around, and that’s what it’s aaaall about!

Barometer cartoon from Charlie Adley’s latest Double Vision column. I really enjoyed drawing this cartoon. It’s based on a barometer that hangs in my grandparents’ house in Greencastle. I used the barometer for my project when applying for art college. I drew it many times for that project and it all came back to me when I was doing the lettering you can see on the face behind Charlie. Needless to say it worked, by the skin of my teeth, I got accepted into Art & Design in Galway RTC (now GMIT) on the 5th round of the CAO and never looked back! (I had already started Electronic Engineering in the RTC, which of course was doomed to failure, so when I got accepted into Art I was walking on clouds for about a month.)

I got my dad to take a photo of the barometer after checking with my uncle Harry as to its whereabouts (he owns it now). My sis thought it might have ended up in Dublin with my uncle but no, it still hangs where it always hangs in my grandparents’ house. Probably the only time it had come off the wall until then was when I was doing my project.
Here’s what it looks like:

zodiac barometer
Nicely framed photo by my dad!

I don’t remember it being as worn but then it is over 20 years since I did the project. For the drawing I simplified the barometer and replaced the signs of the zodiac with things mentioned in Charlie’s column. They are, in no particular order:
Tadpoles (not sperm, thank you!)
Hawthorn tree
Mark Twain
Turkish wrestler
This barometer cartoon brought back so many memories in its preparation. A very enjoyable piece to draw indeed.

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