Charlie Adley’s Double Vision – Do The Bloomin’ Weather Hokey Cokey!

barometer cartoon with elements from writer's life
Barometer cartoon from Charlie Adley’s latest Double Vision column. I really enjoyed drawing this cartoon. It’s based on a barometer that hangs in my grandparents’ house in Greencastle. I used the barometer for my project when applying for art college. I drew it many times for that project and it all came back to me when I was doing the lettering you can see on the face behind Charlie.

Scientists reconstruct 4000-year-old Writer, Journalist, playwright, magazine editor, columnist and campaigner for fathers rights

Ancient journalist sharpens his pen. A few strands of flyaway hair were all it took to reconstruct an ancient journalist whose remains were found in a remote region of Ireland, scientists have revealed. The man’s remains were found in the permafrost of a region of Ireland that is completely cut off from reality and were … Read more