Bertie Ahern to Resign

bertie ahern

He’s all set to go on the 6th May.

2 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern to Resign”

  1. Other terms that might deserve a mention. “Bertie Bowl”, “Whiparound”, “Committed to sport”, “me dautterrs”, “grote”, “j’apolise M.Chirac”, “Personal appeal in the Nice Referendum”, ‘Booing at Croker’, “Anarok”, “Canary yellow suit”, “Murdoch deal with the FAI”, “Abboutstown”, “Luas”, “talking down the economy”, “infrastructure”, “spending”, “Manchester United”, “Irish soccer”, “gift or loan”, “difficult period”, “Long may it continue”, and of course the phrase that was used more often than any other……………..”I don’t recollect the exact details !!!”

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