Watchmen as Peanuts, or Peanuts as Watchmen?


Via Boing Boing is Evan Shaner‘s What if Charles M Schulz created the Watchmen?

Look at Snoopy/Rorschach. Classic!

2 thoughts on “Watchmen as Peanuts, or Peanuts as Watchmen?”

  1. It would also would be cool if Pig-Pen was Rorschach. After all, both are notorious for being incredibly dirty in spite of their intelligence.

  2. Why not put Schroeder as Nite Owl instead of Ozymandias?
    After all Nite Owl and Silk Spectre become an item and we all know Lucy’s (dressed as Spectre) feelings for Schroeder.

    But then again, Schroeder does NOT love Lucy lol.

    Charlie Brown as Dr Manhattan! lol
    After all Dr Manhattan does get into bad luck alot, especially with becoming a big blue overman that becomes fundamentally disconnected from life and what he loves most.
    Sort of ties in with Charlie’s character I guess.
    Snoopy/Rorschach combo was obvious. The dots.

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