Caricature for Reuters

Allan 1:46 pm

I did a caricature of Annette from Reuters in London as a surprise from her colleagues last week. Below is the caricature: See if you can guess which department in Reuters she worked in! If you’d like to enquire about a caricature gift for a […]

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Zero on YouTube!

Allan 1:12 pm

You might remember the storyboard I did for a short film my friends were making a while ago (that’s it above). Well they’ve finished editing and it’s now up on YouTube. It’s also going to be shown in the Galway Film Fleadh next week! Compare […]

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Birthday Portrait

Allan 3:13 pm

Birthday pencil portrait drawing twins by Allan CavanaghRecently finished pencil drawing for a birthday present, worked up to A2 size from an old photo of the subjects from when they were children (without revealing ages I believe it was circa 1970s!).
I forget sometimes being so reliant on inks that pencil itself is a beautiful medium, especially when you’re working with a good range- I use B, 2B, 5B and 8B, starting with the hardest and working up to the softest, which corresponds with the darkest areas of the portrait. You need to be very careful when working with soft pencils as they smudge so easily.

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Allan 2:57 pm