Sneak peek at this Friday’s cartoon…

tree stump cartoon

Tree stump cartoon: yes, my cartoons for Double Vision are pretty obscure, and I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until Friday (or Thursday evening if you’re a county edition reader!) for the article that puts this in context! The Connacht Tribune now offers a digital downloadable edition of the city and county editions, delivered straight … Read more Sneak peek at this Friday’s cartoon…

Double Vision from the Connacht Tribune

Galactic Hitchhiker cartoon: here’s the latest cartoon from Double Vision, the article by Charlie Adley that I illustrate for the Connacht Tribune. Charlie and I will hopefully be launching a dedicated blog for this soon, and I’ll have a link up here for it then. Charlie is wry, dry, and a damn good read of … Read more Double Vision from the Connacht Tribune


repetition cartoon

Photos: Dave Keegan Before Christmas I was asked to record the themes and discussions of the Southside City Partnership‘s SPAN Conversations meeting in the Stilorgan Park Hotel. This is a European Project run by the Partnership in conjunction with the Geography Department of NUI, Maynooth and looks at identifying key areas of social disadvantage and … Read more SPAN CONVERSATIONS Project