Drama Classes for Adults in Galway

Galway Actor’s Workshop has been set up to open
the experience of drama and acting to the people of
Galway in a variety of self-contained workshops and
short term courses.
We believe that for all of you have ever just wanted to
“give it a try”, it is never too late! While providing you
with solid training at whatever level you choose, we
also hope to enable you to experience the sense of
fun and personal creativity that comes from engaging
with drama.

George Lucas missed a trick in casting young Obi-Wan

young obi wan kenobi alternative actor

I watched the original unadulterated Star Wars trilogy with the kids again last week, which I have on DVD. I simply do not recognise the abominable meddling George Lucas has visited on the Original Trilogy, and the prequels make no sense at all, and are similarly consigned to my mental dustbin. Related Posts: However, watching … Read more