Who Watches the (little details in) Watchmen?

I just saw the new hardcover edition of Watchmen on Forbidden Planet and commented that I didn’t think much of the artwork: the expression on Sally’s Laurie’s face, nippleless Jon, assymetrical Rorschach and Veidt with a mullet. Then I looked again and noticed something: WHERE’S THE COMEDIAN’S SMILEY BADGE??? It’s only the most important motif … Read more Who Watches the (little details in) Watchmen?

Alan Moore interview on RTE Radio 1

Embedded from RTE.IE I somehow missed this interview with Alan Moore on Radio 1 from the 3 July. Oh yes, it’s because I don’t listen to it. Eoin Sweeney did a good job considering who he was talking to, by which I mean the man’s reputation would make jelly of most knees, but as you’ll … Read more Alan Moore interview on RTE Radio 1

David Lloyd on Kickback

I met David Lloyd, co-creator of V for Vendetta, in Roisin Dubhs last Thursday night. He was giving a talk on his career and promoting his new graphic novel Kickback. It’s been out since last year but Darkhorse dropped the ball on promoting it. Lloyd’s profile was at its height as the V for Vendetta … Read more David Lloyd on Kickback