The past is a low Earth orbit.

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while. Last December the kids and I joined the snaking soggy queue for Commander Chris Hadfield’s book signing in Dublin. The man in front asked me if I’d keep his place while he went to get a hat, which I did. When he came back we … Read more The past is a low Earth orbit.

Caricature: Welcome Home, @Cmdr_Hadfield! #ISS

Chris Hadfield Caricature: here’s a caricature of Commander Chris Hadfield to mark his safe return to Earth, having made us remember to look up at the night sky again, and took our breath away with his detailed photos and descriptions of our pale blue dot. Welcome home Chris. (UPDATE) I had an excellent encounter in … Read more Caricature: Welcome Home, @Cmdr_Hadfield! #ISS