Conor Lenihan Kebab

Conor Lenihan kebabs
Conor Lenihan from this week’s Double Vision. Conor Lenihan made racist remarks in the Dáil when addressing Socialist TD Joe Higgins, who had recently made representations for the rights of Turkish workers. Racist Conor Lenihan told Joe to “stick with the kebabs will you?” He later withdrew the remark and apologised saying “I regret the remarks made and regret sincerely if any offence was caused” which as anyone who has been at the receiving end of offensive remarks will tell you, is no apology at all. Conor didn’t betray a hint of irony in the fact that he’s the Minister of State with responsibility for Overseas Aid and Human Rights.

Conor’s auntie Mary O’Rourke made a racist remark in 2006 when she said some of her campaigners had “worked like blacks.” Mary refused to apologise claiming political correctness had gone mad. You’d wonder about that family wouldn’t you?
Full story in the Irish Times.

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