Setanta and the Hound: Design for Croke Park Hurling Final 2001

Setanta and the Hound Design Croke Park 2001
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I came across several shelves’ worth of old drawings and designs tonight. This one was an artist’s impression for a proposal that the then Mac Teo (now Arcana) was putting to Croke Park for interval entertainment at the 2001 Hurling Final. It was a retelling of the Setanta and the Hound of Culann myth and the proposal eventually took life like this:

More to follow!

I performed at that interval and was able to watch the 2001 hurling final between Galway and Tipperary from the tunnel where the players enter (we probably weren’t allowed to be there but the linesman said nothing). I’m not at all into sport but that was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen: the speed of the sliothar and the willingness of the players to put themselves in its path and the eruption of colour in the whole stadium whenever a team scored. I had no idea that fans of different teams sat side-by-side, used as I was to seeing the segregated fans of English football on the telly. It gave me an insight into sportsmanship I’d not had before. I still don’t like sport but I at least gained an appreciation of the camaraderie of sports supporters

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  1. Well, that might be one way of looking at it. With corporate gigs there’s a lot of give and take between the two parties, and that’s just something you get used to.
    Anyway, it was just an interpretation for a very specific purpose, and the original myth remains undiluted.

  2. Did they use that in the St Patrick’s Festival Parade recently? Great idea! Next time you’re in Dublin, head in and see what they’ve done in the Wax Museum. *shudder*

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