Friday Cartoon: Only Who Could be So Bold?

Bit of a deep cut this one: sometimes an idea comes and I just have to get it out by drawing it. Here we have Smokey Bear, whose catchphrase is well known in the USA, replacing Princess Leia in a scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. The line is completely unchanged. Smokey’s hat has been replaced with a pendant in the shape of the hat as I thought Smokey’s ears were a visual match for Princess Leia’s famous doughnuts hairstyle. I gave myself a good chuckle with this one, and sometimes that’s all that matters! 😀

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(Irish audiences would probably only know the character from his alternate version in The Simpsons, the encyclopedia of all American pop-culture. Outside of the US The Simpsons references are often our only knowledge of certain pop-cultural touchstones. Yes, we have no Bananas anyone? Side note: I cannot understand how Planet of the Apes The Musical was never developed into an proper Broadway show. It would have run and run.)

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star wars smokey bear darth vader only you could be so bold cartoon
Only WHO could be so bold?

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