Friday Cartoon: Star Trek Picard

I knew Admiral Picard was reminding me of something with his interactions with Captain Shaw… Captain Shaw meme’d with Picard and Riker in the Woman Yelling at Cat meme format!

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I must say Picard S3 is a pleasant surprise and I’ve enjoyed it very much, especially episode 5 (which was pretty perfect actually). Of course there’s some knit-picky stuff in there but you can’t expect a 47 year old with a lifetime love of Star Trek not to notice some inconsistencies and silliness right? Lovely to see the original cast slowly coming back together, and there’s genuine warmth between the characters of Riker and Picard in this. The breakout character is surely Captain Shaw, who is the most entertainingly brilliant prick. I do wish they’d drop the cussing though, it totally takes me out of my pleasant Star Trek fugue when it happens. Do a Red Dwarf and make up your own future curse words you smeg heads.

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