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In my continuing quest to draw every barrister in Ireland here’s a recent piece that was completed as a gift for the pictured fellow! He’s into weights and running so I’ve included references to both of those in this caricature portrait. Of course it’s a barristers office so there are books and legal papers in the background and there’s even the long version of the barristers’ wig.

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If you’d like to order a barrister gift caricature in Ireland the process is simple. It’s advisable to check in with me to see if I have a slot available. 2 weeks notice is usually ideal, but during busy periods this may increase (conversely during quieter times I might be able to turn it around in a couple of days!). You then visit my Order Caricatures Online page linked in the menu above (and at the end of this post) and select the option you’d like to order. You can then checkout with debit card, credit card or Paypal account. Once I’ve received your order I send you a details form. Here you give me details like eye colour and hair colour (not always clear in photos unfortunately!). This is where you an add all the details you’d like included: this can be GAA or football team references, hobbies like golf, tennis, or gardening, favourite books or albums, or even pets! This is where a bespoke Allan Cavanagh Caricature comes into its own: you can have extremely personalised references that might only mean something to the person to be drawn.

“Best caricature artist in Ireland by FAR! I’ve ordered two now in the past few years for work presents and they are brilliant. Prompt and secure delivery also. Highly recommend.” Aoife


You then email recent high-resolution photos of the person to be drawn. Screen shots should be avoided as they lose a huge amount of definition. I then put all your materials together into a caricature composition based on your photos and submitted details form and a short while later the caricature elves will deliver your personalised gift caricature! As well as caricatures making great gifts for Barristers they’re also wonderful retirement, birthday and wedding presents.

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I’m Allan Cavanagh and I have been professionally producing caricatures and cartoon art for over 20 years.

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