GAA Wedding with Liam MacCarthy Cup!

GAA Wedding with Liam McCarthy Cup!
Here’s another one of my GAA-themed wedding caricatures signing boards with the Liam McCarthy Cup! Also pictured are the couple’s daughter, and their pet dogs!

I found it tricky to find a good image of the Liam McCarthy Cup online so I had to freeze frame an RTE report on Galway’s recent win to get a good look at it! Here’s my version in all its glory:

GAA Wedding with Liam McCarthy Cup!
The Liam McCarthy Cup

Congratulations Aoife and Michael and I hope you had a great day! My signing boards are an excellent complement to your big day. It’s a fun way of capturing your guests’ best wishes on a piece of art you’ll treasure forever. You simply send me recent photos as well as the details you’d like included. As you can see you can add whatever details you’d like! You can order a signing board here or contact me, Caricature Artist Allan Cavanagh here.

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